Tikonata Island

This island is situated on South-East of Capachica, at 5km and 25 min by boat from the capital.
Tikonata Island has numerous natural and cultural resources: watch towers that offer panoramic views over Titicaca Lake, wonderful islands, the Capachica peninsula, walk paths, a huge diversity of flora that is used for their medicinal properties by the local peoples, archeological ruins and sanctuaries…
Thus, Tikonata Island will show you astonishing landscapes. It is a very quiet place to take advantage of a mystic tourism.



  • Boat trip with veil boat and oar boat
  • Hiking
  • Traditional fishing
  • Mystical ceremonies
  • Typical dance and music
  • Visit of the Archeology and cultural interpretation of mommies museum
  • Connection with nature and its positive energies


Touristic offers


Rural guest house

Visitors will stay in beautiful traditional rustic rooms, which are made with pisé and with authentic decoration. Tikonata community allows 12 single or double rooms, with a total capacity of 24 people. Sanitary fittings are to be shared, and there are shower with hot water (solar shower).


Typical food

Travelers will eat typical dishes from the region in rural restaurants with views on Titicaca Lake, or in host families’ kitchens.



Tikonata Rural Tourism – Ccotos Association’s members offer to the travelers their guide services for the different tours and suggested activities.




From Puno:

In Puno you can find a bus stop at street Jirón Lampa, next to Bellavista market. The journey lasts around 1h30.


From Capachica (capital):

To reach Tikonata Island, take a boat to come out from Chifrón. Please contact us before you come, ASTURS also gives information to its office at Plaza Principal Jirón Juliaca, N°229 – Capachica.


From Juliaca:

In Juliaca, you can take a bus to the bus terminal which is situated between Avenue Tacna and Avenue Circunvalación, direction Capachica.  The journey lasts around 1h.

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