Terres des Andes

« TERRES DES ANDES » is a French association of travel agency.

We organize fair trips in Latin America, and especially in Peru. We bring to the travelers the opportunity to travel in a sustainable way, in small groups, and to discover the cultural wealth of the country, as local development projects for the local communities.

Objectives of the project:

  • Promoting the discover of an authentic Peru
  • Allowing exchanges between different cultures
  • Participating in a larger benefit for the local communities with which we are working with (Paramís and Llachón in Titicaca Lake), and enhance the value of native resources
  • Pleading with the responsibility of travelers

ASTURS PERÚ has been working since years with Terres des Andes, and it is thanks to this cooperation that we receive groups and develop projects together




«Economic strengthening with micro-credits fort different activities in the communities of Capachica and Amantaní Districts – Puno Peru».

Objective of the project:

The project consists in strengthening and promoting rural experiential tourism in the 5 communities of Capachica Peninsula, and in the 3 of Amantaní Island. To reach this goal, we develop micro-credit programs with a yearly rate of 0, 7%, by giving as a maximum 2 000 S/ and as minimum 500 S/. The repayment has to be done per trimester. The micro-credits are allowed in order to develop activities such as: building of bathrooms, guest-houses, organic kitchens, restaurants, craft, agriculture, craft fishing, solar panels, solar showers, improve of wastes collect and water treatment. These activities are leaded to a better quality of life in the entrepreneurs’ families.



Culture Contact

Association of Fair and Solidarity Tourism CULTURE CONTACT – France

Strengthening thanks to financing of different projects.

Objective of the project:

ASTURS PERÚ has been working since years with Culture Contact, and it is thanks to this cooperation that we receive groups and develop projects together.

Strengthening of Rural Experiential Tourism in communities of Capachica and Amantaní Districts – Puno, Peru.



France Volontaire

Objectives of the project:

  • Computer and Internet
  • Marketing and promoting of rural tourism
  • Environnement
  • Language missions



Electreciens Sans Frontiere

« Setting up of solar panels in the communities of Capachica and Amantaní Districts- Puno, Peru ».

Objectives of the project:

  • Setting up solar pannels for the entrepreneurs of Rural Community Tourism, in the communities of Uros Titino from Capachica, and the communities from Taquile, Huayllano et Incatiana from Amantaní.
  • Improving well-being of the families.


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