ASTURS, a non-profit association of Rural Solidarity Tourism, let to your disposal the legal notice and general terms and conditions, for better information about the services offered by the association. The traveler and ASTURS will accept legal notice and general terms and conditions, by attesting the booking.
We encourage you to read carefully the following general terms and conditions.


ASTURS is a local association that works in a fair way with travelers. Its function is to get on services offered by the rural community tourism families.
The association works towards the wish of travelers, organizing the following offers: transport by bus or boat, accommodation in guest-houses, food, activities, professional guide, oxygen and first aid kit if necessary. Thus, ASTURS wouldn’t be found responsible in case of accident, loss, damages, lateness (plane, car, bus, train or boat), disadvantages or any other type of inconvenience that could be caused by whatever vehicle or caused by neglected situations of a touristic service, as result of vandalistic acts, or generated by strikes, wars, governmental actions, climate conditions or any other type of itinerary change.

ASTURS is entitled to accept, change or cancel a touristic service if the circumstances require it.


Each request will be treated in the following 24 hours, from the moment when the request is   received, during the opening hours and respecting the working days.
To guarantee the booking, ASTURS demand a complete booking form (through the website or the sending of the booking form with the contribution) with the 50% of the total amount installment.

The reasonable duration for a booking is 15 days before the trip to Peru. A booking is accepted and becomes definitive from the date of the installment payment. Only from this moment, a tacit contract exists between both parts. ASTURS is entitled to refuse any booking, to its liking.


To confirm and guarantee to travelers its services, the traveler has to make easier all his contact details with a copy of his passport (passport number, complete name, date of birth and nationality), the medical form (it all depends), datas of international and national flights and the phone number in case of emergency.


ASTURS has all the private information about travelers and keeps them confidential without sharing them with a third party, except if the traveler allows ASTURS to do it (implicitly).


In all our programs, except when the contrary is indicated, children under four and eleven months don’t pay (transport, accommodation, food, entrance tickets to the Islands and museums). Children between five and eleven and eleven months years old benefit from a 30% reduction. Children from 12 are considered as adults, and have to pay the same rate than them.


For safety purposes, every traveler has to complete ASTURS medical form, which has to be signed and  approved by a doctor (if there are pathologies), and to send it to the association, fifteen working days at the latest before the beginning of the trip.


In order to confirm and guarantee to the travelers the offers they asked for, the traveler has to communicate his bank details, with the payment that should be done at the beginning of the touristic service.
If the itinerary needs offers like hotel, restaurant, transport, travel tickets, the entire payment will be asked to confirm these services. These payments are neither refundable nor transferable.

The travelers will be able to pay in a foreign currency (euro or dollar), equivalent to the national currency (Nuevo Sol), according the change type set up by the association, namely 3.40 in dollar and 4.25 in euro.
The installment payment is seen as an agreement, and the acceptance of our cancelation policy is detailed below.


  • Bank transfer ** to ASTURS
  • Sending money with WESTERN UNION or PAYPAL

** Keep in mind that all the taxes for the bank transfer have to be paid by the traveler.

The last minute booking, is to say fifteen days before the traveler arrival, would be accepted if the traveler pay a 35% installment of the total amount as soon as possible, and this sum should be completed to 100% at the arrival of the traveler.


Once the booking confirmed, modifications and cancelation would be accepted only in writing.
The cancelation deadline is calculated from the date the cancelation in writing is received, and according these dates before the trip:

  • Cancelation:

High season (from May 1st to September 30th) :

  • Up to 7 days before the date of the trip: no penalty
  • Between 6 and 4 days before the date of the trip: 80% of the total price is withheld
  • Less than 3 days before the date of the trip: 100% of the total price is withheld

Low season (from October 01st to April 30th) :

  • Up to 7 days before the date of the trip: no penalty
  • Between 6 and 4 days before the date of the trip: 50% of the total price is withheld
  • Less than 3 days before the date of the trip: 100% of the total price is withheld


  • Modification: Whatever the season


  • Up to 4 days before the date of the trip: no penalty
  • Less than 3 days before the date of the trip: +20% of the total price

ASTURS is entitled to modify or cancel any service before its beginning for valid reasons as vandalistic acts, strikes, wars, governmental actions, climate conditions or any other reason.
In a case of pay back, in agreement with the previously quoted conditions, ASTURS will inform the traveler in writing and will give the money back to him in the 7 working days. However, the bank expenses will have to be paid by the traveler if he modified or canceled his trip. If it is not the case, the association will pay these expenses.


ASTURS invites you to buy a trip insurance that will cover accidents, luggage loss, emergency repatriation etc. All the expenses as disease, plane, train, climate conditions, strikes and cancelations are usually covered by these insurances. If an incident occurs, ASTURS will help travelers to complaint to their insurance company.


ASTURS works as intermediate for accommodation, transport (plane, car, bus, train or boat) service provider and touristic tours, and is responsible to make sure of proper services provided by these service providers, to the travelers.

However, ASTURS will not accept the responsibility under no circumstances, for losses or additional costs due to lateness or schedule modification of trains, disease, climate, strikes, war or any other reason. All these costs will be paid by the traveler since tourism taxes offer agreements.
Moreover, ASTURS won’t be responsible for loss or damage in the following situations:

  • If the damage is caused by a third part, who has no link with the contract
  • If the damage is due to ASTURS out of control circumstances, or one of its partners

The association dedicates its time to satisfy the needs of all the travelers who want to change their trip into a unique experience.

ASTURS has a skilled and kind staff at your service, to satisfy you properly.

With a young and dynamic spirit, ASTURS grew up little by little since its birth, and has always executed the requests of the travelers.

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