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Asturs History

The Rural Solidarity Tourism Association ASTURS is registed in the Public Registre of Puno, and is consituated since June, 2nd 2010 under the number 8932, in « Superintendencia nacional de los Registros Públicos » – SUNARP with RUC N° 20448184189, and its legal address is Jirón Juliaca, N° 229, Plaza Principal del Districto de Capachica, de la Provincia, Departamentado y de la Región de Puno Perú, Phone: 0051-51 772027, Cellphone: 0051 – 51 950936611, Email: astursPERÚ@yahoo.com  y titikaka.PERÚ@yahoo.es. www.astursperu.org



ASTURS, a non-profit association, that promote sustainable development in Puno region, through constant courses. ASTURS provides technical assistance, turning funds for micro-credits, Solidarity tourism, natural resources conservation, in particular for the communities of Titicaca Lake The courses are mainly leaded about telecommunications, in order to improve the profitability of rural community tourism.



Prize and Distinctions

  • 2011 First prize at a national level, for a Rural Solidair Tourism project in Capachica Peninsula, which program is « Conectarse para crecer » (Being connected to grow) – Prize for rural development through telecommunications of Telefónica.
  • 2012 – 2013 Second prize at a regional level for Andin gastronomy, organized by the regional government during the Gastronomy Festival “Sabores del Titikaka” ( Tastes of Titicaca) – Setting up of solar panels on Amantaní, Taquile and Uros Titino Islands, for Destino Lago Titikaka, with the financing of Electricité Sans Frontières – ESF- France (Electricity Without Border).
  • 2013 – 2014 Distinction of Agents and Tourism Operator Tours for the event I et II Fam Trip Destino Lago Titikaka.
  • Reconnaissance by Putina Municipality for « Strengthening the touristic activity while diversifying local economies, by promoting a sustainable tourism in the region of Puno- Peru».
  • Reconnaissance by the Extern Trade and Tourism Department- MINCETUR, to be leader on Rural Community Tourism development – TRC in the region of Puno, Peru.


Details: ASTURS, in 2011, carry out a project called « Rural Experiential Tourism in the communities of Titicaca Lake ». This project could have been undertaken thanks to our participation to the competition Conectarse para Crecer f Telefónica, where we obtained the first prize with our initiative on managing of TIC tools, for the development of communities that work on Rural Community Tourism. Our initiative bring important positive results, as we succeeded to train more than 40 entrepreneurs of Capachica and Amantaní Districts.


Details: CNN Action 2 Ideas and Challenge with Gabriela Frías 3/5 – June, 2nd 2013.

Vidéo on ASTURS Peru experience on Rural Community Tourism and on the importance of the TIC. 



Details: Experiences of work on Rural Community Tourism – TRC. Con Walther Pancca Paucar – ASTURS Peru.


Details: Published on August, 30th 2015.

Travel to Peru on Titicaca Lake with ASTURS, network of rural tourism www.astursperu.org.
Hopineo offers HopTrips, a new model to take part in trips, to foster experience exchanges, and good practices between sustainable tourism professionals, thanks to travelers.


Details: Published on August, 30th 2015.

Travel to Peru on Titicaca Lake, live in Walther and Mariela’s home, a rural house named Inti Wasi – www.astursperu.org



Details: Informative Video on Micro-credit program allowed by ASTURS Peru to families with few economic resources.



Details: Promotional Vidéo for Inti Wasi Lodge – ASTURS PERU.


Details: Promotional Vidéo for touristic places around Titicaca Lake, Puno – Peru.



Jirón Juliaca N°229, Capachica – Puno – Perú

(+051)950 936 611 – 996002077 – 986867149

astursPERÚ@yahoo.com / titikaka.PERÚ@yahoo.es

reservasasturs@yahoo.com / proyasturs@yahoo.com


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